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We all know that Fort Collins is a beer drinking town. Nationally, the United States sends 

99,699,203,185 POUNDS of beer bottles to the dump every year. Now, factor in the fact that Fort Collins must contribute something close to 99% of those bottles?


Maybe we're exaggerating our own impact on the national bottle-to-dump ratio, but either way I think that we can all recognize that something must be done to decrease the waste.


Did you know that Turtle Mountain uses recycled bottles to hold our deliciously raw kombucha? 


That means that we go through A LOT OF BOTTLES! Please, beer drinkers, help us stay green! If you have bottles that you are so tempted to throw into that old recycling bin- stop yourself!


Send us an e-mail instead! We will come pick up your bottles from you!


After you recycle your bottles with us, you can drink Turtle Mountain Kombucha knowing that every sip that you take is in thanks to you, the great, green hero, who took the initiative to stop dumping their bottles and start re-using, re-purposing, and truly re-cycling!




Point your mouse up to the menu bar, click on the "Talk to Us" link and send us an e-mail with your address, the amount of bottles, and how much you love Turtle Mountain Kombucha on a scale of 1-10. We will contact you back and let you know our ETA and bam! It's done! You're the green machine! 




Turtle Mountain cannot collect trademarked bottles. Therefore, New Belgium and Odell's bottles will, unfortunately, not be accepted for re-purposing. We can only collect bottles which do not have logos emblazoned on the glass. We also cannot accept twist off bottles. As these being our only perameters: We can, will, and hope to collect 12 oz. bottles of every shape, color, and creation out there!


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