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We are a woman-owned company operated by two sisters. Slightly quirky ourselves, we take pride in our unique and flavorful brews. From the start we do things slightly differently: all of our kombucha is brewed with Yerba Mate Tea. This South American herb is jam-packed with nutrients and offers a different type of caffeine than what is found in black tea or coffee. 

Established in 2014, we began our journey at Farmer's Markets. We remember when people used to ask “but what is kombucha?!” Through the support of our community, we have been lucky enough to grow our distribution range across all of Northern Colorado into Wyoming and to open a kombucha taproom in Fort Collins, March of 2018.


It is our customers and community that have helped us grow into the company we are today and we are grateful to each and everyone of you. Thank you for enjoying our ferments, drinking our teas, rockin’ our apparel, and supporting us two sisters while we work tirelessly to achieve and exceed our dreams.

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Natalie: The Fermenter

1. Will school you in all things Tolkien

2. Proud Mama of the Amazing Rett

3. Has over 30 Houseplants

Hannah: The Brains 

1. Taught English in Prague

2. Lived & Worked on an Organic Farm in Hawaii

3. Favorite Animal = Caticorn

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